FHB Enterprises

    Hello and welcome to the new look for the FHB Enterprises web page.

We have 3 areas currently active.

We are currently promoting a book of fiction written by Fred Buchholz and if it gets enough orders/interest
will prompt publication of a second longer one currently in progress. 
You can check out the first chapter of the first book for free by clicking here or the Button below that Says Books by it
and then decide if you think you might like it.

We still sell items on E-Bay. Mostly collectable miniatures from games and games related material in general.
Sometimes it is other items people ask us to sell for them. Click here for a short cut to Ebay or on the button below
that says Ebay.

We are currently hold the domain name and host a small website for Stupidity Reigns Productions.
Basically it has a few links to some of their YouTube videos and such. Click here or on the button below to get there.


To contact us: For issues with this website : Website issues For issues with the book sales: Book issues For all other concerns: Customer Service